On this Date in Weather History - Freak Snowstorm Hits Parts of Kentucky in 1894

Cold Canadian air poured southward between high pressure over the Upper Plains and low
pressure moving up the East Coast. The East Coast low threw copious amounts of Atlantic
moisture as far west as Kentucky’s Blue Grass. Snowfall amounts from that day:

· Lexington, Harrodsburg, and Mount Sterling: 6”
· Shelbyville and Richmond: 4”
· Burnside and Eubank: 3”
· Sandy Hook and Shelby City: 2”
· Hendricks: 1”
· Carrollton, Louisa, Middlesboro, and Louisville: Trace

Estimated Snowfall Amounts on May 20th, 1894

Comments from observers:
Greendale (northern Fayette County): “Snow was heavy – flattened all the wheat to the
ground, breaking much of it”.
Harrodsburg: “A remarkable snowstorm. Peach trees as well as many other kinds – vegetables,
grains are bent to the ground. Great destruction to fruit and shade trees as well as rye wheat.”
Richmond: “There was probably more snow fell on the 20th than four inches yet it melted so
fast next to the ground.”

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