Submit comments on proposal to use both upper and lower case text in NWS products

 Beginning May 28 and continuing through September 15 2010, the National Weather Service (NWS) is seeking user feedback on the proposal to change all NWS text products to include upper and lower case alphabetic characters rather than all uppercase as is presently done. Additional punctuation and other characters that are part of the international reference alphabet No. 5 would also be permitted. 

Many NWS partners and users have identified the need for NWS text products and watch /warning /advisory /statement / forecast /environmental data to be provided in mixed case and to include an expanded punctuation and character set. This change would make text products easier to read and allow users to click on internet links directly rather than converting them to lowercase or mixed case.

Please see service change notice 10-28 for details on related changes to public information statements, service change notices and tecnical implementation notices with the World Meteorological Organization/WMO/ heading of NOUS41 KWBC and AWIPS identifier of PNSWSH. Changes to those messages provide the opportunity for a risk reduction effort in a non-operational environments and for valuable user feedback. Service change notices can be found at:

The NWS is seeking comments and feedback through September 15 at:

NWS will keep the survey and comment form open indefinitely to track user issues and comments of this transition. User feedback will help NWS better plan the eventual transition of all NWS text products to mixed case and expanded character set.

Additional notices and statements will be issued as user feedback is analyzed and progress is made in planning for the transition of other NWS products. 


If you have questions please contact:
Herb White...NWS Dissemination Services Manager
301-713-0090 EXT. 146

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