NWS Jackson Takes Part in Amateur Radio Simulated Emergency Test

The National Weather Service in Jackson, KY participated in an amateur radio Simulated Emergency Test on Sunday November 11th.  The event simulated a paralyzing blizzard in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service's (ARES) Region 4, which includes most of eastern Kentucky.  The purpose of the exercise was to:

1. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of ARES in Region 4 in providing emergency communications,

2. Provide a public demonstration, to served agencies such as the National Weather Service, the emergency management agency, other served agencies, and through the news media, of the value to the public that Amateur Radio provides, particularly in time of need, and

3. Help radio amateurs gain experience in communications using standard procedures under simulated emergency conditions.

We thank all area amateur radio clubs and individuals that took part in the exercise!

Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club members (from left to right) Morris Caudill (WB4NZS), Jim Osborne (KA4AOU), and John Farler (K4AVX) operate from NWS Jackson. Left to Right: NWS Jackson Warning Coordination Meteorologist Tony Edwards (KJ4FYM) and ARES Region 4 Asst. Section Emergency Coordinator John Farler (K4AVX) take reports during the exercise.

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