April and Year to Date Precipitation Across the Region

While the Jackson Julian Carroll Aiport finished April with near normal precipitation, or 0.13 inches below normal, and London ended up much wetter than normal, or 2.18 inches above normal. Precipitation across South-central and Eastern Kentucky was highly variable, but on average rainfall was heaviest near and to the west of Interstate 75 where departures were a few inches above normal and lighest in the Big Sandy Region and northeastern Kentucky where departures were as much as two inches below normal. Downslope winds and drier air over the more eastern locations along with more widespread heavier rain that fell from thunderstorms on April 17th led to the differences in rainfall during April. Rainfall so far for 2013 has also been lighter on average over northeastern Kentucky and parts of the Big Sandy Valley and heaviest across parts of the Cumberland Valley. There are several images toward the bottom of this page containing estimated rainfall for April and 2013 so far as well as departures and percent of normal. If you would like to access these images yourself, go to http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ridge2/RFC_Precip/index.php?site=jkl&lat=37.6&lon=-83.3&zoom=7 or follow the insturctions on the images below:

Start by going to our main internet webpage at www.weather.gov/jkl

Next, from the precipitation map, select desired overlays and time period under available images. For an archive of images going back further in time, click the Click here for daily precipitation accumulation link.

April 2013 Multi sensor precipitation estimate


April 2013 Multi sensor precipitation departure estimate

April 2013 Multi sensor precipitation percent of normal estimate

Year 2013 Multi sensor precipitation estimate through April 30th

Year 2013 Multi sensor precipitation depature from normal estimate through April 30th

Year 2013 Multi sensor precipitation percent of normal estimate through April 30th

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