Breezy Day Across Western And Central Nebraska--Wind Gust Reports as of 1 PM CST

NOUS43 KLBF 281620

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service North Platte NE
1120 AM CDT SAT MAY 28 2016 /1020 AM MDT SAT MAY 28 2016/

...Rainfall Reports as of Saturday Morning...

Scattered showers and thunderstorms, some of which were strong, moved
through parts of the Sandhills and north central Nebraska,
bringing moderated to heavy rainfall locally. Below is a list of
24 hour rainfall totals ending Saturday morning.

...Rainfall Reports...

Location                     Amount


...Thomas County...
Halsey 2W                    0.04 in

...Sheridan County...
Gordon 7S                    0.54 in
13 SSW Hay Springs           0.13 in
Gordon 13nw                  0.01 in

...Perkins County...
Grant 3s                     1.47 in
Madrid 8sw                   1.32 in
Grant 1nne                   1.26 in
Grant                        0.70 in
8 SSW Grainton               0.41 in
Elsie                        0.38 in
3 NE Elsie                   0.05 in

...Logan County...
Stapleton 5W                 0.02 in
Stapleton                    0.01 in

...Lincoln County...
Brady                        0.84 in
4 ENE Wellfleet              0.25 in
Sutherland 1N                0.18 in
North Platte Airport         0.12 in
North Platte 1W              0.02 in
North Platte 1SE             0.01 in
North Platte 4NNE            0.01 in

...Keith County...
Ogallala 2w                  0.56 in
Paxton 4NE                   0.25 in

...Hooker County...
Mullen 16 SW                 0.10 in

...Holt County...
Ewing 1N                     2.58 in
Chambers                     1.58 in
O`Neill 16NNE                1.50 in
Swan Lake                    1.50 in
Atkinson 3SW                 0.84 in

...Hayes County...
Wauneta 5e                   0.60 in
Palisade 4ENE                0.43 in
Palisade 1WNW                0.14 in
Hayes Center                 0.04 in

...Garden County...
Chappell 10nne               0.27 in
Oshkosh 10ne                 0.27 in
Lisco                        0.23 in
Crescent Lake                0.15 in

...Frontier County...
Eustis 8ssw                  1.28 in
13 N Mccook                  0.34 in
Curtis 9s                    0.26 in
Eustis 2NW                   0.10 in

...Custer County...
Berwyn 4NNE                  1.56 in
Oconto 10ENE                 1.33 in
Merna 7wnw                   1.22 in
Broken Bow Airport           1.20 in
Mason City                   1.20 in
Anselmo 2SE                  0.42 in
Callaway                     0.40 in

...Cherry County...
Valentine 1W                 0.21 in
Valentine 3N                 0.16 in
Valentine 1ENE               0.15 in
Valentine Airport            0.15 in
Valentine 1W                 0.06 in
Valentine 1ENE               0.02 in
Valentine 27S                0.01 in

...Chase County...
Imperial Airport             1.14 in
Imperial                     1.01 in
Champion 3S                  0.70 in
Lamar 3S                     0.68 in
7 NNE Lamar                  0.57 in
Enders 1NNW                  0.23 in

...Boyd County...
Butte                        1.15 in

Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying
equipment and exposures. Not all data listed are considered official.



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