Preliminary Snow & Sleet Accumulations for 3/16/14

Please send us your snowfall totals this morning so we can update our map and list of reports.  Thanks!

0713 PM     SNOW             VINE GROVE              37.81N  85.98W
03/16/2014  M1.0 INCH        HARDIN             KY   NWS EMPLOYEE

0727 PM     SNOW             1 NNW LOUISVILLE        38.24N  85.75W
03/16/2014  M1.0 INCH        JEFFERSON          KY   BROADCAST MEDIA

0739 PM     SNOW             1 SE ELIZABETHTOWN      37.69N  85.85W
03/16/2014  M1.0 INCH        HARDIN             KY   AMATEUR RADIO

0745 PM     SNOW             CORYDON                 38.21N  86.13W
03/16/2014  E1.0 INCH        HARRISON           IN   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0826 PM     SNOW             9 NW CYNTHIANA          38.48N  84.41W
03/16/2014  E1.0 INCH        HARRISON           KY   PUBLIC

0900 PM     SNOW             1 WNW PLEASURE RIDGE PA 38.16N  85.87W
03/16/2014  M2.0 INCH        JEFFERSON          KY   COCORAHS

0903 PM     SNOW             HARRODSBURG             37.77N  84.85W
03/16/2014  M1.5 INCH        MERCER             KY   TRAINED SPOTTER

0904 PM     SNOW             2 NNW LOUISVILLE        38.25N  85.76W
03/16/2014  M1.5 INCH        JEFFERSON          KY   BROADCAST MEDIA

0924 PM     SNOW             JEFFERSONVILLE          38.30N  85.73W
03/16/2014  M2.0 INCH        CLARK              IN   NWS EMPLOYEE

0931 PM     SNOW             GEORGETOWN              38.30N  85.97W
03/16/2014  M2.0 INCH        FLOYD              IN   EMERGENCY MNGR

0939 PM     SNOW             FRANKFORT               38.19N  84.87W
03/16/2014  M1.0 INCH        FRANKLIN           KY   PUBLIC


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