Great pictures of storm in Crawford County

Thanks to Wade Bell for sending us this excellent photo showing a shaft of torrential rain cascading onto central Crawford County.  Sudden downpours like this can generate strong, gusty winds as the rain hits the ground and pushes air outward.

Crawford County, Indiana rain shaft

Here's another great shot from Wade.  That low-hanging cloud in the lower left of the picture looks like a tornado or funnel cloud, doesn't it?  In fact, it's simply a harmless, low-hanging cloud.  When viewing cloud formations like this, look for any rotation.  If it's rotating, keep a very close eye on it.  Otherwise, it's probably just an innocuous low cloud.

Also note that the feature is partially obscured by trees.  In the Great Plains it's often easy to tell if a funnel is reaching all the way to the ground.  However, in southern Indiana and central Kentucky there is a great deal of foliage and topography that can make it very difficult to tell if a cloud formation is truly touching the ground or not.

Crawford County low cloud

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