CPC Outlook Maps: What do they mean?

As we enter into the final week of July, below normal temperatures are once again in the forecast for central Kentucky and southern Indiana. You may have seen maps that look like this one below:



But what exactly are we looking at? This specific map, courtesy of the Climate Prediction Center (CPC), depicts what the probability is of temperatures running above, below, or near normal. It is basically a confidence map in that the higher the percentage, the greater the likelihood of above or below normal temperatures. It is not an indication of how much above or below normal the temperatures will be, but rather the chances of above or below normal temperatures occurring in the 6 to 10 day forecast period. For the map above, this is valid for the time period from Monday, July 28th through Friday, August 1st.


The map below shows the exact same information as the map above, but this one was created using the interactive display available through CPC's website (click the map for the link):



What this map allows you to do is center in on your specific location to get detailed information, such as what the normal maximum and minimum temperatures are near your location, the percentage chance of having above, below, or near normal temperatures, and the same for precipitation. Check it out!



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