Warmest June on Record in Louisville

The month of June has been extremely warm, but just how does this June stack up with previous years on record? At Louisville International this month's average temperature through the 29th has been 81.3 degrees. The warmest June on record is 80.6 degrees set in 1952. The forecast for today calls for cooler weather but not enough to affect Louisville's 1st place ranking. Here are some stats for the month of June around the area:

Location 2010 Average Temperature (through the 29th) 2010 Rank Warmest or Previous
(all 30 days)
Normal 2010 Departure
Louisville 81.3 1st 80.6 (1952) 74.2 +7.1
Lexington 76.8 6th 78.8 (1952) 72.2 +4.6
Bowling Green 80.1 6th 81.5 (1952) 74.4 +5.7


8th 78.5 (1934) 70.7 +6.2


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