June Summary

June 2010 was very warm and slightly wetter than normal across the region.  This occurred because for much of the month we were sandwiched between a strong upper ridge over the southeast United States that pumped warm air northward, and a very active storm track centered just to our north from the Midwest into the lower Great Lakes.

The most significant severe weather event of the month took place on the 9th as storms over southern Kentucky produced an EF0 tornado in Adair County.  Additional strong to severe storms struck on the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th.  Some spectacular cloud features were observed with these storms, such as shelf clouds, roll clouds, funnel clouds, and ominous looking ragged cloud bases, but any damaging winds or large hail were not common.  The most widespread event was on the 15th as a squall line swept from west to east across southern Indiana and northern Kentucky, producing wind gusts to 60 mph that knocked down trees and power lines.

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Rainfall Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 79.9° +5.5° 6.24" +1.95"
Frankfort 76.8° +6.1° 5.29" +0.89"
Lexington 76.6° +4.4° 4.59" +0.01"
Louisville Bowman 79.7°   4.55"  
Louisville Standiford (OFFICIAL) 81.1° +6.9° 4.39" +0.63"

Records Set:

4th:  Record rainfall at Bowling Green, 2.54".
9th:  Record rainfall at Louisville, 2.03".
12th:  Record warm low at Bowling Green, 77°.
13th:  Record rainfall at Frankfort, 1.53".  Record warm low at Bowling Green, 76°.
14th:  Record high at Louisville, 94°.  Record warm low at Bowling Green, 74°.
21st:  Record warm low at Louisville, 80°.
27th:  Record warm low at Louisville, 79°.  Record warm low at Frankfort, 74°.

Warmest June on record at Louisville.
6th warmest June on record at Bowling Green.
7th warmest June on record at Lexington.
9th warmest June on record at Frankfort.

Lightning strikes Lexington on the evening of June 15.

Lightning striking Lexington on the evening of the 15th.  Photo:  John Bradshaw K4SWX

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