Need to Know the Forecast for a Particular Time for Outdoor Plans This Weekend?

We can give you the forecast for any hour you choose, right from our web site.  So, if you have outdoor plans at a particular time and you would like to know how warmly to dress, or if it will rain, or what the wind will be like, you can get that information with just two clicks of your mouse.

First, click on your location on the forecast map on our main page:

Click on the forecast map

On the forecast page that appears, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "Hourly Weather Graph":

Click on Hourly Weather Graph

You will then see a graph of weather conditions, hour by hour, for the next couple of days.  You can control what conditions appear on the graph by clicking different weather elements on or off at the top of the page.  Most importantly, note that below the graph you get a readout of precisely what the weather condtions will be like at the exact hour where you have your cursor on the graph!  If you wish, you can click on the graph and get the same information in a tabular format.

Here's your hourly weather forecast

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