How does our dry fall compare with past episodes????

As everyone knows, this fall has been exceptionally dry. After examining past years for the various locations of the official observing site in Louisville, I found that least so far through the 10th of November....ranks among the driest falls ever recorded.

The chart below show 5 very dry years with respect to total measured rainfall at Louisville for the August through November period.


...Louisville rainfall totals from August through November...
Year   Rainfall accumulation in inches.
 2010   3.24....(so far)
 1953   3.20
 1908   4.04
 1999   5.95



These dry falls can also be illustrated graphically. Most of the time, years with dry falls have had less than normal precipitation....but not always. The first chart below shows the accumulation of precipitation throughout the January through November period for 2010 (in pink) and 1953 (in dark blue in dark blue). Normal yearly precipitation is in  red.  Both 2010 and 1953 show a very long dry stretch during late summer through early fall. Both years will likely end up with below normal precipitation.


Below is a similar chart that shows the years 1999 (in dark blue  in dark blue ) and 1908 (in pink).  In contrast to the two dry years shown above, both 1908 and 1999 had yearly precipitation accumulations not too fall from normal.





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