Very interesting satellite cloud images..........

Earlier this week on Sunday December 19th, Some very unusual holes developed within a thin layer of strato-cu over Kentucky. The four images below show these "holes" within an expansive layer of cloudiness over central Kentucky.  Each image was taken around 15 minutes apart. Several "holes" appeared and then traveled downstream towards the southeast on flow coming from the northwest.   The 3rd image below show these "holes" at their peak. These phenomenon are surrounded by a white circle. 


These features are rare and this is the first time I personally have seen this on satellite. They are caused when, for some reason, a small section of the supercooled water droplets that compose this cloud layer suddenly turns into snow flurries and precipitates out as virga. From below, this feature can be dramatic and look a bit like someone punched a clear section within the clouds with a cookie cutter. The last image below show the sharp edge associated with these "holes" and the type of cloud cover from which they can form. 







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