"Dirty" Rain Blankets The Area

The storm system that moved through the area overnight Sunday into Monday brought with it more than severe weather – it left behind dirt from west Texas as well. Reports of cars being dirtied up after it had rained have been popping up from the Ozarks in Missouri to as far east as Ohio. Satellite imagery (below) shows dust and dirt entering the atmosphere on Sunday afternoon from western Texas. Once the dirt was aloft, it was able to mix with water droplets and fall as “dirty” rain.

For more information on the Hydrologic Cycle, please refer to the following website: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/jetstream/atmos/hydro.htm


The white areas in the image above are clouds whereas the light, hazy gray area over western Texas and the Texas Panhandle are dirt and dust being collected into the atmosphere, most likely by strong winds.


Close up view of the trunk of a car, covered in dirt left behind by the rain.


View of the hood of a car after the rain.


Another view of a car covered in dirt left behind by the rain.



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