June Summary

Most significant weather events of June 2011:

June 1
The month got off to a very warm start with low temperatures on this date only in the lower and middle 70s.  A record warm low was set at Louisville and tied at Bowling Green.

June 5
A small area of thunderstorms rolled from northwest of Evansville through Bowling Green to Nashville.  The storms produced severe winds and hail as they passed through.

June 15
Scattered storms struck the same region that was hit on the 5th, and brought more damaging winds and hail to western portions of central Kentucky.

June 19
A long squall line crossed the region from west to east during the morning hours and brought widespread gusty winds and a few tornadoes along with it.  An EF-0 tornado caused tree damage near Oriole, Indiana.  Near Harned, Kentucky an EF-2 left signficant tree and structural damage in its wake, and a small EF-0 tornado damaged a farm.

June 22
By far the most significant event of the month took place when showers and small thunderstorms developed around the Louisville metro during the evening hours of the 22nd.  After a small EF-0 tornado damaged trees in Harrison County, Indiana, four tornadoes struck Jefferson County, Kentucky between 8pm and 10pm.  Two of the tornadoes were of EF-2 strength, striking Churchill Downs and Jeffersontown.  Fortunately there were no injuries or fatalities.  In addition to the tornadoes, two to four inches of rain poured down on the city, setting a new daily rainfall record.

June 26
Another morning squall line plowed into central Kentucky and southern Indiana.  This time two EF-1 tornadoes were produced, in DuBois and Perry counties.  Most of the damage was done to trees and barns.

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 77.2 +2.8 8.71" +4.42"
Frankfort 73.2 +2.5 3.69" -0.71"
Lexington 73.4 +1.2 3.20" -1.38"
Louisville Bowman 76.6   6.23"  
Louisville OFFICIAL 77.3 +3.1 7.14" +3.38"

June 1:  Record warm low temperature of 71° at Bowling Green and record warm low temperature of 75° at Louisville.
June 22:  Record daily precipitation amount of 2.51" at Louisville.

Bowling Green's 7th wettest June on record.
Louisville's 9th wettest June on record.

Churchill Downs damage

Damage to a horse barn at Churchill Downs on the 22nd.  Photo from NWS storm survey

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