Hurricane Irene

Medium range forecast models have been consistent over the past couple of days with the track of Hurricane Irene. Could the remnants of this storm move north from the Georgia/South Carolina coast and impact the Ohio Valley late this weekend? The current track would be too far east, however it is too soon to tell for sure. The data are certainly interesting to look at. Below are images from the National Hurricane Center and from operational medium range forecast models.


Below is an image from the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane Irene is expected to gradually strengthen over the next couple of days before reaching Hispaniola.  To track the system's progress, check out the 5 day forecast track below or click on the National Hurricane Center's website.

Irene forecast


Below is a four panel image of 4 medium range forecast models indicating where Irene is expected to be by Saturday morning August 27. Although there are differences in timing and strength, the models now bring the system ashore near the Georgia/South Carolina coast. 


Below is another image indicating where the system is expected to be by Sunday afternoon August 28. Will the Ohio Valley see rainfall from this system? The current track that is fairly well agreed on by models takes the remnants of Irene too far east. A shift westward would increase rain chances for the Ohio Valley.

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