February 29, 2012 Photos, Damage Surveys, and Other Information

Damage occurred with storms Wednesday in Grayson County, Hardin County, LaRue County, Metcalfe County, Russell County, and Casey County.  An official National Weather Service Storm Survey Team investigated the damage.  More information may be updated here; however thus far, 6 confirmed tornadoes have been found:

Metcalfe County (1 tornado):

Strength: EF-1

Path Length: 0.75 Miles

Path Width: 50 yards Maximum


An EF-1 tornado touched down just southeast of Center, Kentucky near Herbert-Hodges Road.  The tornado damaged 3-4 barns and snapped trees along the tornado path.  More detailed information will be forthcoming later this evening or Friday morning.

Russell/Casey County (1 tornado):

Strength:  EF-2

Path Length:  8.0 miles

Path Width:  175 yards Maximum

Estimated touchdown/ending time:  225 PM EST - 229 PM EST

Narrative:  Tornado touched down north of Russell Springs in northern Russell county near the junction of Highway 127 and Mount Union Rd.  The tornado then tracked northeast through northern Russell County and into southern Casey County where it lifted around Windsor.  The worst damage was in Russell County for 1-2 miles east of U.S. 127 where outbuildings, barns, and mobile homes were destroyed.  Some modular built homes were moved and damaged.  Lesser amounts of damage were found in Casey County where the tornado strength decreased to EF-1 intensity.  In Casey County, 1 outbuilding was damaged and trees were uprooted and snapped.

Hardin County (1 tornado): Final Rating

Click Here for Tornado Path

Strength:  EF-2

Wind Speed:  125-130 mph

Path Length:  5.0 miles

Path Width:  250 yards Maximum

Estimated touchdown/ending time:  9:55 AM EST - 10:07 AM EST


The tornado began as a 125 yard tornado near 4510 Gather Station Road damaging a barn and traveled towards New Glendale Road and Overall Phillips Road damaging some homes and knocking down many trees and fences. The storm crossed I 65 and surprisingly did not strike any vehicles. The twister struck several homes lifting many roof structures off of Wildwood Drive and Sportmans Lake Road. It increased in width to 250 yards and struck the Harry Owen trucking company buckling roof trusses and spreading significant debris over the Lincoln Parkway into the mobile home park. Next it destroyed a working garage and did significant damage to 3 homes off of Hodgenville Road and uprooting and twisting many trees before lifting a couple of hundred yards downwind.

Grayson County (1 tornado): Final Rating

Click Here for Tornado Path

Strength:  EF-2

Wind Speed:  130-135 MPH

Path Length:  2.0 miles

Path Width:  200 yards Maximum

Estimated touchdown/ending time:  10:42 AM EST - 10:47 AM EST


The tornado began as a narrow tornado east of Clarkson just south of Highway 224. The storm increased in width to 200 years and struck several single and double wide mobile homes south of Millerstown road. All 3 mobile home became airborne, with one traveling over 400 yards. One manufactured home was thrown 50 feet into a tree and fence with a man inside it. He was medically airlifted to Louisville. The tornado next struck a large area of soft and hardwood trees before striking a solid brick home just west of Horntown with the roof removed and exterior walls either damaged or destroyed. The tornado damaged struck the Horntown convenience store damaging the roof. During the end of the tornadoes life cycle it narrowed and bounced striking several trees and knocking over several cemetery headstones and uprooted 2 large trees at the Little Clifty United Methodist Church just west of Lacon. The tornado lifted in a grove of trees about 250 yards east of the church.

LaRue County (2 tornadoes): Final Ratings

Tornado #1:

Click Here for Tornado Path

Strength:  EF-2

Wind Speed:  120-125 MPH

Path Length:  1.7 miles

Path Width:  200 yards Maximum

Estimated touchdown/ending time:  11:05 AM EST - 11:13 AM EST


A National Weather Service Survey Team in conjunction with Larue County EMA determined a tornado began near Kyle Lane which is 2 miles west of Hodgenville. It began as a very narrow 80 yard tornado as a mainly elevated funnel cloud/tornado near tree top level. It did some minor roof and shingle damage...uprooted some cedar trees and damaged some fencing. The tornado crossed Tanner Road and lifted just west of downtown Hodgenville. The tornado was rated an EF1 at this location. The length of this touchdown was .90 miles. The same tornado once again touched down on the east side of main street at the State Farm Insurance agency and Citizens Union Bank. This tornado touchdown was much stronger. Two cars moved several feet and were turned 45 degrees with one on top of the other in the State Farm parking lot. The tornado increased in width to 200 yards on Wobegon Way significantly damaging several homes. This included large sections of roof structure being removed and exterior walls collapsing at 202 Woebegone Way. It went into a wooded area narrowing in Miami Court to about 75 yards and becoming more elevated. It damage many roofs with the heaviest damage at a day care center in a residential home off Miami Court. The twister knocked down many power lines down and twisted and snapped trees and did roof damage to several homes and then crossing highway 210. Next it snapped and uprooting some trees and doing some roof damage to a couple of homes before lifting 200 yards downwind. The length of this touchdown was .80 miles. A second tornado touched down just south of Woebegone Way in a wooded area. Another information statement will follow shortly.

Tornado #2:

Click Here for Tornado Path

Strength:  EF-2

Wind Speed:  120 MPH

Path Length:  0.9 miles

Path Width:  100 yards

Estimated touchdown/ending time:  11:12 AM EST - 11:15 AM EST


A National Weather Service Survey Team in conjunction with Larue County EMA determined a second tornado just south of Miami Court and moved east through a wooded area. Several witnesses saw two different tornado near the Miami Court and Wobegone Way area. The second funnel cloud/tornado was near tree top level. It was only 50 yards wide twisting many trees and was rated a EF0. As it crossed Highway 210 the twister increased to 100 yards wide and became stronger. It damaged a large working garage and damaged two homes off of Highway 916 including a new well, almost finished new constructed home which experienced significant exterior wall damage. Workers working on the home heard a loud roar while seeking shelter and observed the twister striking and uprooting some trees. A dumpster full of old building material was thrown 75 yards and snapped one telephone pole. The twister lifted in a field a couple of hundred yards downwind. The twister was rated EF2 at this location.


Photos of the damage, courtesy Doug Finlay:






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