April Recap

 April 2012 was a fairly quiet month, with little severe weather (especially considering how stormy April can be), and generally warm and dry conditions.  April was actually about as warm as March was:

  March 2012 April 2012
Bowling Green  61.1  61.4
Frankfort  55.8  56.0
Lexington  56.3  55.9
Louisville Bowman  60.2  59.9
Louisville International (official)  59.6  59.4

The calm weather during the month was in stark contrast to April 2011:

  2012 2011
Tornado Warnings issued by NWS Louisville 2 73
Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued by NWS Louisville 36 167
Flash Flood Warnings issued by NWS Louisville 1 41

Of course, the month was not entirely without storms.  On the morning of the 26th a squall line produced hail and gusty winds all the way from southeast Iowa through central Kentucky to the southern Appalachians.  Then, later that same day, new storms developed along a cold front over central Kentucky and dropped hail at least as big as golf balls.

A couple days later on the evening of the 28th a super cell thunderstorm moved from Orange County, Indiana to southeast of Louisville.  The Louisville metro suffered widespread hail, with stones up to two inches in diameter, including at Churchill Downs.

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snowfall Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 61.4 +3.7 3.74" -0.47" 0 -0.1"
Frankfort 56.0 +0.8


Lexington 55.9 +0.6 2.30" -1.30" 0 -0.3"
Louisville Bowman Field 59.9 +2.8 4.22" +0.14"    
Louisville International (official) 59.4 +1.4 3.40" -0.61" 0 -0.1"

Tenth warmest April on record at Bowling Green

Big hail on April 28
Big hail northwest of Taylorsville on the 28th.  Jeff Sarver

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