24 Hour Temperature, Wind, & Precip Maps Ending Morning of 2 July 2012

There were quite a few noteworthy weather occurances yesterday (Sunday) and has been reflected in the maps below.

The record breaking heat that has gripped the Ohio Valley continued through yesterday but as storms began to fire up late in the day, the rain and winds from those storms were able to cool nearby locations down significantly.

There were many reports of damaging winds that swept across central Kentucky and southern Indiana. These winds were caused by severe thunderstorms that produced a phenomenon known as a gust front. A gust front is formed when the downdraft/rain-cooled air of a thunderstorm reaches the ground and then spreads out near and along the surface. They are usually marked by a sudden wind shift, sharply falling temperatures, and possibly heavy downpours and/or hail, however, gust fronts can spread out well beyond the edges of a storm cell, causing damaging winds where precipitation might not have fallen at all.

Some much needed rain finally reached the local area yesterday, putting a slight damper on the growing drought situation. By no means did this rain end the drought, but every little bit helps!


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