June Summary

June was a very quiet month in 2012.  The Louisville NWS office issued no Tornado Warnings, only two Flash Flood Warnings, and just 5 Severe Thunderstorm Warnings.  It was the first June without a Tornado Warning since 2005, and the five Severe Thunderstorm Warnings was the fewest in June since 2003 (when we issued 4).   Unfortunately the lack of wet weather made for a very dry June, and drought had set in by the last couple weeks of the month.

The most significant storm of the month that occurred within the Louisville NWS office's area of responsibility struck Henryville, IN on the 16th.  During the storm 2.80" of rain fell in 80 minutes and winds gusted to 60 mph.

On the 29th a derecho tore across Indiana and Ohio.  Though the storms missed central Kentucky, they emitted such a strong gust front that even without any thunder or rain, 60 mph winds blew into the northern Blue Grass.  Trees were blown down, including one that fell on a man in Bourbon County, killing him.

The most impressive weather of the month had nothing to do with storminess, but instead with intense heat.  The final three days of the month saw 100° temperatures throughout the region.  Louisville and Bowling Green set new all-time record highs for the month of June on the 29th (105° and 110°, respectively).  Amazingly, those record highs over 100° occurred just one day after record lows in the lower 50s were set in the Blue Grass!

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 76.0° +1.0° 0.65" -3.50"
Frankfort 72.0° -0.6° 1.22" -2.87"
Lexington 72.4° -0.3° 1.61" -2.83"
Louisville Bowman 75.7° +0.6° 0.70" -3.44"
Louisville OFFICIAL 76.2° +0.6° 0.79" -3.00"


26th:  Record low of 52° at Lexington
27th:  Record low of 52° at Frankfort, record low of 51° at Lexington
28th:  Record high of 106° at Bowling Green, record high of 103° at Louisville
29th:  Record high of 110° at Bowling Green, record high of 105° at Louisville
30th:  Record high of 108° at Bowling Green, record high of 103° at Lexington, record high of 104° at Louisville

3rd driest June on record at Bowling Green
8th driest June on record at Frankfort
6th driest June on record at Lexington
5th driest June on record at Louisville

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