A Snowy Day After Christmas

Forecast models continue to indicate a winter storm system will develop across the Deep South late Christmas Day, bringing snowy conditions somewhere across the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys for the day after Christmas.  The image below indicates the spread of various models indicating where the surface low associated with this storm system will travel, from Christmas morning across southern Texas to Wednesday morning.

A more northern track, like the ones above across eastern Tennessee, would bring heavy snows into southern Indiana and portions of north Central Kentucky, as in the image below.

A more southern track would shift the highest snowfall totals southward as well, as in this image.

One thing is fairly certain, the forecasts will change over the next couple of days as the models get a better handle on how this winter storm system will evolve.  Given the time of year, this system likely will have a big impact on holiday travel.  Stay tuned for updates over the weekend and early next week, and make preparations now.  Because of the prospects of this storm, Kentucky is holding its Winter Weather Awareness Campaign from Dec. 21st through Dec. 25th.  Check out this website for further information, and for steps you can take to get ready for any wintry weather this season.

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