January Summary

January began quietly with seasonable temperatures and very little precipitation.  Then on the 10th a frontal system came in from the northwest and stalled across the region through the 13th, bringing us several waves of rain.  Over the four day period, precipitation amounts ranged from about 2 inches in the Blue Grass to as much as 5 inches in southwestern Indiana.  The heaviest rains fell on the 13th and set daily precipitation records.  Along with the rain came record warmth -- Bowling Green scored their warmest January 11 in history.  When the front finally pulled off to the east it allowed cold air to sweep in, changing the rain to a light wintry mix.

During the morning hours of the 25th freezing rain spread across about the southern half of Kentucky, depositing a glaze of ice up to three tenths of an inch thick on outdoor objects.  Farther north, a mix of light sleet, snow, and freezing drizzle fell.

Nature then did a 180 just five days later when a powerful squall line tore through the entire region between midnight and dawn on the 30th.  Wind damage was widespread and several tornadoes were spawned by the spring-like system.  Also, temperatures soared to around 70 degrees ahead of the storms -- in the middle of the night in January!  Record highs were reached at Louisville and Bowling Green before the rain and wind hit.

After the storms departed, there was another drastic turn of events as temperatures plunged and winter returned.  As the month ended at midnight on the 31st we had a fresh dusting of snow on the ground and temperatures falling into the teens and 20s!

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snowfall Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 39.8° +4.1° 5.49" +1.88" 0.3" -2.9"
Frankfort 35.7° +3.2° 5.00" +1.74"    
Lexington 35.6° +2.7° 4.46" +1.26" 2.5" -1.4"
Louisville Bowman 37.1° +2.6° 4.87" +1.49"    
Louisville OFFICIAL (SDF) 38.0° +3.1° 5.10" +1.86" 2.2" -1.5"


11th:  record warm minimum of 49° at Frankfort, Lexington tied record high of 66°, Bowling Green record high of 70° and record warm minimum of 58°
12th:  tied record high of 60° at Bowling Green
13th:  Louisville record precipitation of 2.72", Frankfort record precipitation of 2.28", Bowling Green record precipitation of 2.18"
30th:  Louisville tied record high of 71°, Bowling Green record high of 72°

Tornado damage

EF-0 tornado damage in Marion County that resulted in two injuries.  NWS

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