Jan 30th, 2013 Squall Line...Updated with Interactive Google Maps

The January 30th, 2013 Squall Line webpage has been updated with interactive Google maps!

On the opening page, you'll see an overview map of all tornadoes in the area for Jan 30th that looks like this:


You can zoom in to individual tornado paths on this map as well as download KMZ files for each tornado path.

Then below the overview map, you'll find links to individual county pages with tornadoes or straight-line winds.  On the tornado pages and some of the straight-line wind pages, you'll find more interactive Google maps that look like this:

On these detailed pages, you can click on the individual icons on the map for more information/pics about particular survey points.  Also, an option to download KMZ files for either the points or path for individual tornadoes is available below the map. 

Click on the link below to explore the new Google maps on the updated Jan 30th, 2013 Squall Line webpage.

Jan 30th, 2013 Squall Line

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