20th Anniversary of NWS Louisville's Move to Southern Jefferson County


Twenty years ago today the Louisville National Weather Service office officially began operations at its suburban location on Theiler Lane in southern Jefferson County.

The Louisville office originally opened in the Post Office Building at the corner of Third Street and Green Street (now called Liberty Street).  Since then, the office has undergone several relocations:

  • February 29, 1872:  Main and Bullitt (Main Street between Fourth and Fifth streets)
  • March 3, 1877:  Southeast corner of Fourth Street and Green (Liberty) Street
  • May 1, 1893:  Post Office Building on the northeast corner of Fourth Street and Chestnut Street
  • January 21, 1913:  Northeast corner of Fifth Street and Jefferson Street
  • June 29, 1924:  Northwest corner of Fourth Street and Market Street
  • April 29, 1939:  Federal Building on the corner of Sixth Street and Broadway
  • July 1, 1945:  The station officially moved to Bowman Field.  Supplementary weather observations continued to be taken at the Federal Building.
  • December 1, 1947:  We moved into a hangar at Standiford Field.  Supplementary observations continued at both Bowman Field and the Federal Building locations.
  • September 19, 1950:  The station moved into the Lee Terminal Building at Standiford Field.
  • July 29, 1981:  The office moved to a new building on Standiford Lane on the east side of Standiford Field.
  • February 23, 1993:  Operations officially commenced at the new suburban location on Theiler Lane in southern Jefferson County.

Whew!  That's a lot of moves.  Of course, most of the early moves were to locations within a few blocks of each other:

Downtown office locations


Historical photos from the Theiler Lane office (click on an image for a larger version):


A view from above, facing northwest. Since this photo was taken, we've added an annex to the west side of the building, we have a large satellite dish on the south wall, and several trees have been removed.

computer bank

This is actually just a very small portion of the intricate computer wiring in the office.

no floor

Lead Forecaster Alex Beauvois having a little fun trying to use the computers before the floor was installed.


None of the computers in this photograph exist in the office any more. The large double screen on the left was what we used to look at radar information, and the blue computers on the right were where we displayed meteorological data and wrote our forecasts. Standing on the left is Mike Callahan, who is still here as our Service Hydrologist.


Old CRT's that used to run our forecasting software. They have all been replaced with flat screen monitors and, of course, much better processors.

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