We are starting to get a bit dry around here.....

Through mid-May almost all of central Kentucky received close to average rainfall.  This year, in fact, is notable for our lack of severe weather and how consistently rain has fallen over the winter and spring months.  The graph below show how rainfall at Lexington has stayed remarkably close to normal through the entire year so far, without any extended dry periods or excessively rainy weeks. Only early May was wet.




However, over the past 30 days, since around the 8th of May, we have become a bit dry across central and especially eastern Kentucky.  While we normally would receive around 5 inches or so of rain for these 30 days, many locations have received less than half that.  The pictures below show our deficits since the 8th of May. The image right below shows how only around 2 inches of rain have fallen across the Danial Boone National forest and other portions of eastern Kentucky since May 7th.



As a percentage of normal, many portions of central and eastern Kentucky have been running only around  50%  to  75% of normal since May 7th.  Many areas in eastern Kentucky have received less than one half our average rainfall over these last 30 days.



Finally, an interesting image below shows how the entire midwest has fared over the past month.  Excessive rains have fallen over much of Montana and North Dakota. Iowa and Missouri have been favorably moist while eastern Kentucky and central Tennessee have been dry.


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