Year to Date Rain Information

With all of the rain we have had this week, one might ask how are we doing for the year?  The images below are from the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.  The upper left image gives an approximation of how much rain fell from January 1st through the morning of July 6th.  The upper right image is what the normal rainfall is for that same time period.  The lower left image gives the difference between those first two images, with darker shades indicating increasingly above normal values.  The lower right image gives that difference in a percent above or below normal format.   

The charts below give year to date rainfall information in a different way.  They show accumulations day by day from left to right across the chart for Louisville, Lexington, and Bowling Green for so far this year (in green). With the rain this past week, all of the sites now are above the normal line for the year (shown in brown).  The year with the record most rain through July 6th is given in blue for reference.

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