Need Detailed Hourly Forecasts?

Are you looking for detailed hourly forecasts, as well as other useful weather information? Do you like the displays below?

If so, check out the Experimental new hourly forecast page for your local area by clicking on this link,

When you click on the link, you will see a page that looks like this.

Just enter the zip code or name of the city you wish to receive a detailed forecast for in the box provided and hit "Get My Weather!".

If you need a brief tutorial on how to use each section, here are some tips.

Current Weather

See what the latest temperature, dew point, relative humidty, wind speed, and sensible weather is from the nearest surface observing station.

Weather Story

See what the latest weather highlight is for the region in graphical format.

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Forecast Tabs

Click on the 12, 24, 48, and 7 Day forecast tabs to get varying degrees of detailed forecast information. For instance, you can get hourly weather data for the first 12 hours, 3 hourly data up to 24 hours out, 4 hourly data up to 48 hours out, and daily data up to 7 days out. You can also use the Slidecast option to the right. 

Hourly Forecast Graphs

Finally, scroll down to get hourly forecast graphs so you can easily see temperature, wind direction and speed, dew point, relative humidity, etc. trends.



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