October Summary

Overall, October 2013 was a quiet month.  However, there were a few events of note.

The first was a very wet storm system on the night of the 5th-6th.  Showers and thunderstorms formed along and either side of the Ohio River on the evening of the 5th and continually regenerated over the same areas for several hours.  By the pre-dawn hours of the 6th the original area of showers and thunderstorms had finally departed, but then a long squall line came in from the west.  By the time all was said and done, four to six inches of rain had fallen along the Ohio.  Louisville attained its 3rd wettest day in history with just under half a foot of rain before midnight on the 5th.  Fortunately conditions preceding the event had been dry, so while there was some significant flooding it wasn't catastrophic.

By the third week of the month the upper air pattern had changed significantly and brought very chilly air south from Canada.  Southern Indiana and central Kentucky were 10 to 20 degrees colder than normal from the 23rd to the 26th, and hard freezes took place on the mornings of the 25th and 26th.

Finally, the month ended with a bang as a very strong, windy storm system blew through.  Non-thunderstorm winds gusted to 50 mph across the region, and areas of showers made for a very wet Halloween.


Average Temperature

Departure from Normal


Departure from Normal


Bowling Green


















Louisville Bowman






Louisville OFFICIAL







3rd:  Record warm low of 68° at Frankfort.
5th:  Record precipitation of 5.91" at Louisville.  Wettest day ever recorded in October at Louisville.  Also, record precipitation of 1.80" at Lexington.  Record precipitation of 1.60" at Frankfort.
6th:  Record precipitation of 2.18" at Lexington.
24th:  Tied record snowfall of a trace at Louisville and Lexington.
26th:  Record low of 26° at Bowling Green.
30th:  Record precipitation of 1.49" at Louisville.

Wettest October on record at Louisville
6th wettest October on record at Lexington
7th wettest October on record at Frankfort

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