How common are tornadoes here in the fall?

While we normally associate severe weather, especially tornadoes, with springtime, we usually have a secondary peak of severe weather activity in the fall.

Tornado Days
This chart shows us the number of "tornado days" that have occurred in each month during the entire period of record (back to 1830).  A tornado day is a calendar day during which at least one tornado occurred somewhere in southern Indiana or central Kentucky.  As you can see, most tornado days occur in the spring, but there is a secondary peak in the fall.

F0 frequency
Same as above, but for F0/EF0 tornado days.  F0/EF0 tornado activity peaks in June, but also rises slightly in the fall.


F1 tornado frequency
Same as above, but for F1/EF1 tornado days.  EF1 tornado activity peaks in April and November.


F2 torndao days
Same as above, but for F2/EF2 tornado days.  Once again we see peaks in the spring and fall.


F3 tornado frequency
Same as above, but for F3/EF3 tornado days.  A similar pattern exists.

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