Fermilab Severe Storm Seminar Info - A Sure Sign of Spring!

The annual Fermilab Tornado and Severe Storm Seminar will be Saturday April 5 at 1200 Noon and again at 600 PM. The program will be held at the Ramsey Auditorium at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. The program lasts about 4 hours, its free and open to anyone. Seating is first come, first served. The program is hosted by WGN TV’s Chief Meteorologist, Tom Skilling and is put on by the Fermilab Visual Media Services Department.  

This year’s speakers include;

Tom Skilling - Chief Meteorologist WGN TV/Chicago Tribune - Don’t Be Complacent, Nature Provides Evidence That a Tornado Disaster Can Happen Here.

Dr. Joseph Schaefer - Director, NWS Storm Prediction Center, Norman OK - Hail: Size Really Does Matter!

Dr. Mary Ann Cooper - University of Illinois, Chicago - Lightning Strikes and Their Life-Altering Effects on the Human Body

John Jensenius - Warning Coordination Meteorologist, NWS Gray, ME - Lightning: Understanding One of Nature’s Most Underrated Killers

Brian Smith - Warning Coordination Meteorologist, NWS Omaha, NE - The New Enhanced Fujita Tornado Damage Scale

Ed Fenelon - Meteorologist in Charge, NWS Chicago - The September 22, 2006 Tornado at Loyola, How Close the Chicago Area Came to a Disaster

Gino Izzi - Lead Forecaster, NWS Chicago - The Chicago Area’s Devastating Derecho of August 23, 2007

Jim Allsopp - Warning Coordination Meteorologist, NWS Chicago - The Rare Winter Tornadoes from Poplar Grove, IL to Kenosha, WI January 7, 2008

Larry Ruthi - Meteorologist in Charge, NWS Dodge City, KS - The Monster Greensburg, KS Tornado of May, 2007

Chad Cowan - life long weather enthusiast and longtime storm chaser based in Chicago  - “The Greensburg Storm: Storm Chasers capture the devastating tornado on tape” and description of a fundraising effort to help rebuild that community




Map of FermiLab area


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