Have You Seen Our Hourly Weather Graphs?

Have you ever wanted to know what the forecast temperature is for 2 PM the next day? Or what the chance of rain is at 7 AM Friday morning? Did you know you can
get hourly forecasts out to seven days on our website? You can! Weather forecast graphs, just like the one below, can be created and custom tailored to your 
location with just a few mouse clicks on our website!

hourly weather graph example

To create your own personalized hourly weather graph:

1) Click on the location you'd like the forecast for on our point & click map on the main page of our website ( http://www.crh.noaa.gov/lot )


2) Scroll to the bottom of the page and under the "Additional Forecasts & Information" section follow the "Hourly Weather Graph" link.

hourly weather graph link                                                

3) Once the hourly weather graph comes up, you can select which elements to display (section A) or what time period to display (section B).



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