Left Hand Menu Changes to our Web Site

The left hand menu on all of the National Weather Service Offices throughout the Central Region will be changing through the first part of July.  These changes have recently occurred on the NWS Chicago/Romeoville IL home page.  The changes were motivated by the desire to respond to concerns raised by our users and to better serve the public.

We have received a substantial number of requests to reorganize the menu into a design that is more streamlined and one that is uniform across office boundaries.  The most common user concern raised is associated with difficulty finding the information a visitor is seeking because the home page menu choices are too numerous.  Therefore, our first step in responding to that concern was to simplify the left hand menu.

We understand the changes may represent a significant change requiring renewed familiarization.  We will be glad to help you if you need assistance in finding a certain menu item that may have changed.  We are confident the more streamlined design will ultimately serve your needs more effectively.

Can't Find an Old Link?Most of the links that are no longer on the NWS Chicago/Romeoville IL left hand menu can still be found under Other Useful Links under the "Additional Info" menu header.

NWS Chicago Left Hand Menu Changes

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