Gloomy October - Updated!

This is Chicago on a nice sunny day.

If you are having trouble remembering what that looks like, you are not alone. We haven't seen many of these lately. In fact there were only 2 sunny days for the entire month of October. For the record, a day with 30 percent or less cloud cover from sunrise to sunset is classified as "clear". The last clear day in Chicago was October 18. The only other clear day in October was the 5th. Eleven of the last 12 days of the month were classified as "cloudy" with at least 80 percent cloud cover from sunrise to sunset. According to the NWS Cooperative Observer near Midway, Chicago only received 33 percent of possible sunshine for the month of October.  This makes October 2009 the second cloudiest October since records began in 1893, matching the 33 percent set in 1917 and 1984. The lowest percent of sunshine for the month of October was 31 percent set in 1925.

In contrast, there were 12 clear days in September, with 11 of them coming in a prolonged stretch of pleasant weather in the first three weeks of the month.

Rockford only had one clear day in October. It was on the 18th. Rockford had 11 clear days in September.

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