June 23 Damage Surveys - Oak Brook and Matteson

A National Weather Service meteorologist surveyed damage in Elmhurst-Oak Brook, and also in the Matteson-Park Forest area. It appears the damage in the Elmhurst and Oak Brook areas was caused by strong straight-line winds from a line of severe thunderstorms. An EF1 tornado occurred in Matteson and Park Forest.
The damage in Oak Brook was spread out at least a mile wide. Damage consisted of numerous downed tree limbs and uprooted trees. There were signs and poles blown down, and roof damage to office buildings. The most intense damage was concentrated just southeast of the Oak Brook Shopping Center, near 22nd Street and Jorie Blvd.  It appears that trees and debris were all blown down to the south-southeast. Due to the unidirectional debris pattern and the relatively wide swath of strong winds, it does not appear that a tornado occurred. Winds were likely gusting in excess of 90 mph.
In Matteson there was sporadic damage to commercial buildings across a half mile wide path along and south of Route 30 and Cicero Ave. Garage doors were blown in at a service station, and there was damage to roofs and HVAC units on roofs to a few buildings around the Lincoln Mall Shopping Center. There were a few trees blown down in a wooded area just southeast of the mall. A little farther east there was an intense narrow path of damage starting just southeast of the intersection of Lincoln Highway and Governors Highway. The concentrated path went from near Memorial Park to the train platform at Main Street and Hickory. In this neighborhood many large limbs were down and some trees were uprooted. A garage was destroyed and the roof of the train platform was damaged. Winds through this area were likely 90 to 105 mph, which is EF1 on the enhanced Fujita Scale.  The path of the damage was from northwest to southeast, but many of the trees were blown from southwest to northeast, across the damage path. This indicated there was likely rotation. Several residents reported seeing rotation or a funnel cloud in this area. Lighter damage continued southeast of the railroad tracks near Wildwood park and east to the Norwood Plaza at Western and 26th Street. It appears that the tornado dissipated in the forest preserve near 26th Street. The tornado path was about 2 1/2 miles long and about 200 yards wide.   


The following are images of storm damage in Oak Brook, IL submitted by NWS Cooperative Observer Patrick Skach.


Oak Brook Storm Damage Oak Brook Storm Damage Oak Brook Storm Damage
Oak Brook Storm Damage Oak Brook Storm Damage Oak Brook Storm Damage

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