Plainfield Tornado 20th Anniversary - Digital Map - Tornado Path & Roads

Plainfield Tornado Path and Urban Developement Based off of Roads – Digital Overview

Imagery under license of Google [DISCLAIMER].

This map depicts the Plainfield tornado damage path including old/new roads. The tornado map begins to the southeast of the initial touchdown point, which is southeast of Oswego. The path continues to the southeast through Plainfield and into Joliet where the tornado eventually lifted.  For viewing purposes – the map has been rotated 45° to fit in the viewer and the top of the image is northeast.  The path of the tornado goes from left to right (in this viewer) over time…I.E. northwest to southeast. The map was *not* updated to reflect the current Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale. Tornado intensity is outlined by the colorization in the legend with F1 estimation being the outer layer.  Roads colored in red were highlighted in the original analysis from Dr. Fujita. Roads colored in green are considered new and not present on the analysis map. Note: This analysis is primarily subjective and classification of one or two roads may be incorrect...but care was taken to make the map as accurate as possible.

 The map was digitized with the available data given from Fujita, T.T., 1993: Plainfield Tornado of August 28, 1990. The Tornado: Its Structure, Dynamics, Prediction, and Hazards. Geophysical Monograph 79, 1993. American Geophysical Union.

Imagery under license of GoogleTM Map.

Additional information about the Plainfield and Crest Hill tornado can be found in the Summer 2010 Newsletter from NWS Chicago.

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