EF 2 Tornado Confirmed in Will County (Updated)

A tornado rated at EF 2 strength on the enhanced Fujita tornado scale was confirmed by National Weather Service Meteorologists surveying the damage this afternoon.

A tornado touched down between Peotone and Beecher at 7:40 am this Tuesday morning... about 4 miles east of Peotone.  The tornado's path length was surveyed to be 2.9 miles...with a path width of 200 yards.  The tornado damaged a home at 30651 South WIll Center Road removing its roof...collapsing exterior walls on the second floor... and completely destroying a detached garage.  Several power poles were also downed in the area as well as outbuildings destroyed. 


 Radar Reflectivity

    Radar Velocity  

reflectivity image

The EF tornado scale is used to assign a tornado a rating based on estimated wind speeds and related damage.  When tornado related damage is surveyed... it is compared to a list of damage indicators and degrees of damage which help estimate better the range of wind speeds the tornado likely produced. From this...a rating from zero to five is assigned.

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