Two Additional Tornadoes Confirmed in the Area Tuesday for a Total of 3

An EF1 tornado was confirmed in Kane County and an EF0 tornado was confirmed in Porter County Tuesday.

A tornado rated at EF1 on the enhanced Fujita tornado scale was confirmed by a National Weather Service storm survey team surveying the damage.

A tornado touched down about 2 miles northwest of Elburn in Kane County at 6:55 AM this Tuesday morning.  The tornado's path length was surveyed to be about 3/4 of a mile... with a path width of 50 yards. Two barns and a grain bin were destroyed along with a pole snapped at the base at one farmstead... and there was damage to a homestead two other farmsteads nearby.  Debris from some of the damaged structures was blown 1/4 mile downstream. 

Another tornado rated at EF 0 strength was confirmed by an NWS survey team surveying the damage between Malden and Kouts in Porter County, IN.

This tornado touched down 4 miles southeast of Malden at 8:33 AM this Tuesday Morning.  The tornado's path length was surveyed to be about 200 yards... with a path width of 30 yards.  One outbuilding was damaged by this tornado. 

The EF tornado scale is used to assign a tornado a rating based on estimated wind speeds and related damage.  When tornado related damage is surveyed... it is compared to a list of damage indicators and degrees of damage which help estimate better the range of wind speeds the tornado likely produced.  From this... a rating (zero to five) is assigned.  


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