July 2011 Temperature and Precip to date

As the heat continues, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at July 2011 climate stats as of July 21.


The following graphs depict temperature plots for the month to date for Chicago O'Hare and Rockford. Note the number of occurrences when the daily highs exceeded the normal range.

Chicago Temperatures for July 2011

Of course Northern Illinois and northwest Indiana are not alone in experiencing much above normal temperatures as this image indicates.

July 2011 temp departure from mean


In addition to the heat, July has been very dry. Gardeners are well aware of the moisture deficit. These graphs show the current accumulated precipitation for July (dark blue line) compared to the normal (red line). The green line indicates the wettest period and the tan line the driest.

July 2011 Rockford precip

Here is a regional view of the percent of normal precipitation for July so far.

Percent of mean precip July 2011

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