Flood Safety Awareness Week Day 1 - AHPS

NOAA's National Weather Service has designated March 12 - 16, 2012 as the annual Flood Safety Awareness Week.


Today’s topic is...Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service ---

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AHPS graphic

click the above image to go to the NWS Chicago AHPS page

AHPS provides you with better flood warnings...through increased lead times and more 
accurate forecasts. By providing more specific and timely information on fast-rising floods, 
Emergency Managers are better prepared to defend their communities from flood waters. It 
also helps recreational water users stay out of harm's way.

AHPS enables you to get reliable answers to such questions as:
- How high will the river rise?
- When will the river crest?
- Where will it flood?
- How long will the flood last?
- How good is the forecast?


The AHPS website provides:
- Graphical river stage and forecast information
- Graphical probability outlooks
- Historical crest information
- Flood impacts for specific locations
- Location iformation, including photos
- Datum information
- and more!

For additional information about
AHPS and Flood Awareness Week please check out the following website...www.weather.gov/floodsafety.

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