How Does First Half of This Winter Stack Up??

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January 14th marks the end of the first half of meteorological winter and for the second year in a row the first half of winter has started out abnormally warm with much below average snowfall. What makes these past couple starts to winter so extraordinary is how stark of a contrast they are to the previous 3 winters (2008-09, 2009-10, and 2010-11) which saw much above average snowfall and much below average temperatures. The following are some statistics comparing the first half of this winter, last winter, and the previous 3 before that illustrating just how night and day different the winters started off.





Average Temperature

Season-to-date Snowfall

# Days 1" Snow Depth

# Days Measurable Snow

# Days Highs 32F+

# Days Highs 40F+

# Days Highs 50F+

# Days Lows < 10F

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