Visible Satellite Imagery Reveals Interesting Features

Several interesting features were highlighted in this afternoon’s visible satellite imagery.  These features are pointed out in the still image above, but are more easily distinguishable in the looping image below.

First, notice the extensive lake effect snow showers that are being generated over Lake Michigan.  The cold arctic airmass moving over the relatively warm waters of Lake Michigan is causing strong instability and resulting in heavy snow showers for portions of Michigan and far northern Indiana.

Next notice the very narrow swath of snow that fell early this morning across portions of NE Illinois and NW Indiana.  These bands are not moving on the looping satellite image. The first band stretches from east of Dixon across Joliet and then just south of Wanatah.  This band averages 5-8 miles across but stretches around 125 miles before we lose it under cloud cover.  There are several other narrow bands evident south of I-80, between Ottawa and Pontiac stretching southeast through Watseka. These areas had a dusting of snow to around half an inch.

Finally a subtle feature is noted just south of the town of Byron, which is southwest of Rockford Airport on this map.  A small cloudlike feature can be seen emanating from a single point.  This is presumably exhaust plumes from the power plant in the area.


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