…April 28, 2012 Hailstorms In St. Louis Among The Most Costly In U.S. History…

The series of hailstorms which hit the St. Louis area on the April 28, 2012, collectively are among the most costly in U.S. History.  Numerous swaths of baseball and larger size hail were produced by several waves of supercell thunderstorms during the late afternoon and evening hours.  According to the Property Claim Services of New Jersey, insured losses for Missouri and Illinois from the collective group of hailstorms are currently estimated at $1.6 billion resulting from 245,500 claims.  This value would rank the April 28th hailstorms as the second most costly in U.S. History.  The most costly hailstorm in U.S. History also impacted the St. Louis area.  This record storm occurred on April 10, 2001 and tracked from west to east from the southern Kansas City suburbs through Columbia across northern portions of the St. Louis Metropolitan area, and produced insured losses of $1.5 billion dollars ($1.9 billion cost adjusted to 2012 dollars).   

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