Hourly Snowfall Forecast for Madison and Milwaukee this afternoon (updated noon)

The graphs below show the forecast hourly snowfall amounts for Madison and Milwaukee. The time labels indicate the amount of snow ending at that time.




This is how we typically define the intensity of snowfall rates:

              Light snow              Moderate snow           Heavy Snow

1 Hour       0.1-0.4"                   0.5-0.9"                      1.0+"

6 Hours     0.1-1.4"                   1.5-2.9"                      3.0+"

12 Hours   0.1-2.9"                   3.0-5.9"                      6.0+"

24 hours    0.1-3.9"                  4.0-7.9"                      8.0+"

Moderate snows often require the issuance of Winter Weather Advisories, while Heavy snows usually require Winter Storm Warnings. 




Jeff Craven, Science and Operations Officer

National Weather Service Milwaukee/Sullivan WI

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