National Severe Weather Preparedness Week is March 2-8

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Weather Service and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are teaming up for a third year to lead a public education effort aimed at improving the way people prepare for and respond to severe weather during National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

national severe weather preparedness week


 When it comes to the dangers of severe weather we ask that you:

Know Your Risk
Take Action
Be an Example

As part of NOAA's campaign to build a Weather-Ready Nation, National Severe Weather Preparedness Week is about what you can do to take a stand against severe weather. It means taking the appropriate actions before, during and after extreme weather by knowing your risk, having a plan, building an emergency preparedness kit and staying informed. It also means being connected to family, friends and neighbors and sharing your preparedness story. In this age of mobile technology and social media, this part has never been easier. 

Together we can save lives and transform the way Wisconsin responds to severe weather.  Know your risk, take action and be an example during National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

Daily News Stories

Sunday, March 3 - National Severe Weather Preparedness Week
Monday, March 4 - Know Your Risk
Tuesday, March 5 - Make A Plan
Wednesday, March 6 - Build a Kit
Thursday, March 7 - Stay Tuned for Weather Alerts
Friday, March 8 - Be An Example
Saturday, March 9 - Just the Beginning


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