A Lunar Eclipse Occured Overnight

The Lunar Eclipse began around 1:00 am early Tuesday and ended around 4:30 am. The maximum eclipse time was around 2:45 am CDT over southern Wisconsin.  A total lunar eclipse occurs when a full moon passes into Earth's shadow. 

We had a nice view of the lunar eclipse from the NWS Sullivan office last night.  The skies were partly cloudy across most of the region.  These pictures were taken around 3 am CDT using different camera settings.  The one on the left is in focus but does not show the color very well.  The one on the right shows the reddish color but is blurry.  The red color is due to the sunlight being refracted by the Earth's atmosphere.  Click for a larger image.

 Lunar Eclipse 1  Lunar Eclipse 2

Here is a NASA You Tube Video on Lunar Eclipses.


National Weather Service - Milwaukee/Sullivan

Marcia Cronce, Meteorologist

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