Discover How You Can Do Your Own Historical Weather Search!

Do you want to find out what the weather was like when you were born, got married, or when your vacation was perfect (or got rained out), etc?  That tool is available to you.  We often get requests for information about past weather data in the Milwaukee and Madison areas (and in between or around!).  Our climate portal on our web site has always had a link to a resource that helped users do these searches on their own.  It's called NOWData. Until recently, the database was limited and didn't cover the entire historical record.  That has changed.   Now, the entire period of record (por) is available to you!

You can access the NOWData portal from our main website (  Go to the climate links circled below.

Then, from the climate page, select the NOWData tab:

Now you have access to a huge amount of weather data!!

If you're doing a historical search for Milwaukee or Madison, choose the Milwaukee/Madison Area.  This is due to the fact that the location of the observations has not been at the same spot over the entire period of record.  Choosing AREA ensures you get a dataset that includes the various locations.  For Milwaukee the period of record (por) goes back to about 1871 and for Madison, the period of record dates back to around 1869. 

If there is an option to choose a beginning year and end year in your search and you want the entire period of record, enter "por" as the starting year.   The interface on NOWData is very self explanatory.  Not every possible search option is available, but for most purposes, it should meet your needs. 

If you have any questions, ship us a note at



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