Beach Hazards Awareness Week June 1 - 7: Day 4

This is National Beach Hazards Awareness Week (June 1st to June 7th).  Each day the National Weather Service in Milwaukee/Sullivan will post a topic that will help you make safe decisions on the beach this summer. 

"Know Before You Go" to the Beach or Into the Water

Today's topics are Hazardous Currents that can occur on Lake Michigan and Current Identification Tips

Beach Hazard Awareness Week - day 4a

Structural currents as well as classic Rip Currents are the most common type of currents on the Great Lakes. 

Beach Hazards Awareness Week - day 4b

Channel and Outlet Currents can also occur on Lake Michigan

Beach Hazard Awareness Week - day 4c

Here are some tips on recognizing dangerous currents on Lake Michigan:

Beach Hazards Awareness Week - day 4d

Check out the below links for more information:   

National Rip Current Safety
National Beach Hazards Safety
Great Lakes Surf & Rescue
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National Weather Service - Milwaukee/Sullivan

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