Beach Hazards Awareness Week June 1 - 7: Day 6

This is National Beach Hazards Awareness Week (June 1st to June 7th).  Each day the National Weather Service in Milwaukee/Sullivan will post a topic that will help you make safe decisions on the beach this summer. 

"Know Before You Go" to the Beach or Into the Water

Today's topics are Thunderstorms and Lightning, and Hypothermia. 

When thunderstorms are approaching the beach, seek immediate shelter in a substantial building or vehicle. Do not seek shelter in an open beach picnic shelter.  Remember lightning can strike well ahead of an approaching thunderstorm.  If you hear thunder, then you are close enough to the thunderstorm to be struck by lightning.

beach hazard awareness week - day 6a

Here are some other lightning safety rules to follow when outside.

Hypothermia is a real threat when the lake temperature remains cold, yet the air temperature is warm. 

beach hazard awareness week day 6b

The daily lake temperature forecast can be found on the latest Recreational Beach Forecast issued by the National Weather Service in Milwaukee.

The buoy located about 45 miles southeast of Milwaukee on Lake Michigan reports a lake surface temperature every hour.  However this may not be reflective of the water temperature in the shallower beach waters.

From the below chart, a person swimming in extremely cold water can become unconscious in less than 15 minutes.  

More hypothermia safety rules can be found on the U.S. Great Lakes Coast Guard blog or Minnesota Sea Grant. 

National Weather Service - Milwaukee/Sullivan

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