Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook Now Available

The Experimental Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook (EHWO) is a decision support service offered by the National Weather Service in Milwaukee/Sullivan that supports preparedness and response efforts prior to and during hazardous weather.  This service provides decision makers with convenient access to potential weather hazard information by graphically depicting the risk of weather hazards out through seven days.  The EHWO complements the Hazardous Weather Outlook text product. 

Access the EHWO from the main page of the National Weather Service web site (www.weather.gov/mkx) below the Watch, Warning, Advisory map and the links to the current conditions, as highlighted in the below graphic: 

graphical hazardous weather outlook main page

Click on the "Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook" link (in yellow), or one of the risk level buttons to access the webpage.  The direct link is www.crh.noaa.gov/mkx/?n=hwo.

Understanding the anticipated risk of weather hazards is important to making daily plans as well as carrying out preparedness activities prior to a hazardous weather event.  The Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook (EHWO) depicts the risk of potential weather hazards through day 7 utilizing text alert buttons and graphics.  The EHWO should be utilized as a preparedness tool prior to hazardous weather events and a means for monitoring the severity and coverage during a hazardous weather event. 

The EHWO provides:

  • Hazardous Weather Buttons conveying risk levels for a given day
  • Spotter Outlook Graphic that portrays the need for spotter activation in the first 24 hours
  • Links to briefing pages that provide additional products and information
  • Risk Legend section that defines the risk levels
  • Safety and Education that provides safety and preparedness information for a given weather hazard.

The EHWO integrates the text of the Hazardous Weather Outlook with the graphical representation of expected hazards.  The graphical buttons depict the threat level for a given day. 

The button display (samples below) provides a quick overview of potential hazard risk levels.  More specific information about expected hazards can be obtained by clicking on the buttons.  

A hazard risk level graphic is provided for the "Today/Tonight" period and the following days 2 through 7. 

Sample Today/Tonight Sample Days 2 through 7
EHWO - first 24 hours EHWO - days 2-7

More specific information about the hazard is available by clicking on a specific button. Clicking on any of the risk level "buttons" will take you to that particular risk.  The risk pages will display a map of the NWS Milwaukee/Sullivan geographic area of responsibility, with risk levels shading the map for each risk.

For example, depicted below is a sample page illustrating the lightning risk after clicking on the "Lightning" button in either the "Today/Tonight" section or the "Day 2 through 7" section.

Sample risk page

Each days graphic represents a time frame from 12 UTC to 12 UTC which is 6 am on the current day to 6 am the next day during central standard tme and 7 am to 7 am during daylight savings time.

At the top of each of the EHWO pages is a header with several tabs as depicted below:

 EHWO tab headers

Click on the tabs for links to video briefings (if available), briefing pages, the latest radar and satellite information as well as the Hazardous Weather Outlook text product.

Let us know what you think of the new experimental Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook (EHWO) by participating in the product survey linked at the top of each page:

survey link 

National Weather Service - Milwaukee/Sullivan

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