Crucial Rainfall Arrives In Many Areas, Others Still Waiting

A slow moving cold front, interacting with a warm and moist air mass over Wisconsin, resulted in a rather widespread and long awaited rainfall for southern Wisconsin.  Many agricultural crops, and home gardens benefited from the heavy rain, while others still missed out.  The graphic below shows where the heaviest rain occurred, while also highlighting areas that weren't so lucky.  

There is a lot of smoothing and interpolation that goes into this map, so your specific area may have gotten more or less rainfall.  In general, southeast Wisconsin saw much less than 1/2 inch of rain (near zero by Lake Michigan), while south central areas saw many spots get 1 to 2 inches.  Some isolated locations were pushing 4 inches or more.  That caused some local flooding, especially in urban settings.

For an extensive list of measured rainfall amounts, see this list which is comprised of automated and manual readings from across the state.  Southern Wisconsin is generally toward the bottom:

Statewide rainfall reports for August 4, 2014

The next image is the radar estimate of rainfall amounts.  It shows more detail, but these amounts are often higher than reality due to some contamination from hail.  It should be used in conjunction with the measured reports linked above for better calibration.

Blue areas suggest 1 inch or more of rain, green areas are estimates of 2 inches or more, yellow would be 3 inches or more.  That "hot spot" in northeast rock county shows a radar estimate of 6.9 inches!  Again, that is radar based and reality is somewhere below that, but we don't know for sure since there was no gauge under it.  As you can see, the east, especially near the lake, missed out on this rainfall.

The forecast through this upcoming weekend is looking very dry with no rainfall expected until possibly Monday of next week.



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